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Milwaukee Public Schools
School Type

SchoolNicknamePhoneEmailWebPrimary LocationSecondary Location
Clement J. Zablocki SchoolZablocki School (414) 294-2200Email Zablocki SchoolLink to  Zablocki School web page1016 W Oklahoma Av
Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong LearningWisconsin Conservatory(414) 304-6800Email Wisconsin ConservatoryLink to  Wisconsin Conservatory web page1017 N 12th St
John Greenleaf Whittier SchoolWhittier School (414) 294-1400Email Whittier SchoolLink to  Whittier School web page4382 S 3rd St
Walt Whitman SchoolWhitman School(414) 604-7700Email Whitman SchoolLink to  Whitman School web page4200 S 54th St
Westside AcademyWestside Academy(414) 934-4400Email Westside AcademyLink to  Westside Academy web page1940 N 36th St1945 N 31st St
Wedgewood Park International SchoolWedgewood Park School(414) 604-7800Email Wedgewood Park SchoolLink to  Wedgewood Park School web page6506 W Warnimont Av
Washington High School of Information TechnologyWHS of Information Technology(414) 875-5900Email WHS of Information TechnologyLink to  WHS of Information Technology web page2525 N Sherman Bl
Harold S. Vincent High SchoolVincent High School(262) 236-1200Email Vincent High SchoolLink to  Vincent High School web page7501 N Granville Rd
Escuela Vieau SchoolVieau School (414) 902-6100Email Vieau SchoolLink to  Vieau School web page823 S 4th St
Victory K-8 School For The Gifted And TalentedVictory K-8 School(414) 304-6700Email Victory K-8 SchoolLink to  Victory K-8 School web page2222 W Henry Av
Universal Academy For The College BoundUniversal Academy414-914-9220Email Universal AcademyLink to  Universal Academy web page3872 N 8th St
Trowbridge School of Discovery and TechnologyTrowbridge School (414) 294-1900Email Trowbridge SchoolLink to  Trowbridge School web page1943 E Trowbridge St
Transition High SchoolTransition High School(414) 212-2670Email Transition High SchoolLink to  Transition High School web page2610 W North Av
Transformation Learning CommunityTransformation Learning Comm(414) 212-2678Email Transformation Learning CommLink to  Transformation Learning Comm web page2610 W North Av
Townsend Street SchoolTownsend Street School(414) 874-5900Email Townsend Street SchoolLink to  Townsend Street School web page3360 N Sherman Bl
Thurston Woods CampusThurston Woods School(414) 393-2800Email Thurston Woods SchoolLink to  Thurston Woods School web page5966 N 35th St
Henry David Thoreau SchoolThoreau School (262) 236-1800Email Thoreau SchoolLink to  Thoreau School web page7878 N 60th St
Gilbert Stuart SchoolStuart School (414) 393-3700Email Stuart SchoolLink to  Stuart School web page7001 N 86th St
Albert Story SchoolStory School (414) 934-4800Email Story SchoolLink to  Story School web page3815 W Kilbourn Av
Frances Brock Starms Early Childhood CenterStarms Early Childhood(414) 934-4700Email Starms Early ChildhoodLink to  Starms Early Childhood web page2616 W Garfield Av
Frances Brock Starms Discovery Learning CenterStarms Discovery School (414) 934-4900Email Starms Discovery SchoolLink to  Starms Discovery School web page2035 N 25th St
St. Charles Youth And Family Services - Intensive Day TreatmentSt Charles Day Treatment(414) 476-3710Email St Charles Day TreatmentLink to  St Charles Day Treatment web page151 S 84th St
St. Charles Youth And Family Services - Behavior ReassignmentSt Charles Behavior Reassign(414) 476-3710Email St Charles Behavior ReassignLink to  St Charles Behavior Reassign web page151 S 84th St
Special Services Site-RCCSpec Serv - RCC Email Spec Serv - RCCLink to  Spec Serv - RCC web page6620 W Capitol Dr
Special Services Site-ECCSpec Serv - EC Email Spec Serv - ECLink to  Spec Serv - EC web page6620 W Capitol Dr
Southeastern Youth and FamilySoutheastern Education Center(414) 875-9452Email Southeastern Education CenterLink to  Southeastern Education Center web page4050 N 34 St
South Division High SchoolSouth Division High School(414) 902-8300Email South Division High SchoolLink to  South Division High School web page1515 W Lapham Bl
Silver Spring SchoolSilver Spring School (414) 247-7300Email Silver Spring SchoolLink to  Silver Spring School web page5131 N Green Bay Av
Siefert SchoolSiefert School (414) 935-1500Email Siefert SchoolLink to  Siefert School web page1547 N 14 St
William T. Sherman Multicultural Arts SchoolSherman School (414) 874-5800Email Sherman SchoolLink to  Sherman School web page5110 W Locust St
Shalom High SchoolShalom High School(414) 933-5019Email Shalom High SchoolLink to  Shalom High School web page1749 N 16th St
School of Career and Technical EducationSchool of Career & Tech Ed(414) 393-4900Email School of Career & Tech EdLink to  School of Career & Tech Ed web page5075 N Sherman Bl
Roosevelt Creative Arts Middle SchoolRoosevelt Middle School (414) 267-8800Email Roosevelt Middle SchoolLink to  Roosevelt Middle School web page800 W Walnut St
Rogers Street AcademyRogers Street Academy(414) 902-1100Email Rogers Street AcademyLink to  Rogers Street Academy web page2430 W Rogers St
Riverside University High SchoolRiverside University H.S.(414) 906-4900Email Riverside University H.S.Link to  Riverside University H.S. web page1615 E Locust St
River Trail SchoolRiver Trail(414) 393-2200Email River TrailLink to  River Trail web page12021 W Florist Ave
James Whitcomb Riley SchoolRiley School (414) 902-7100Email Riley SchoolLink to  Riley School web page2424 S 4th St
Ronald Wilson Reagan College Preparatory High SchoolReagan High School(414) 304-6100Email Reagan High SchoolLink to  Reagan High School web page4965 S 20th St
Casimir Pulaski High SchoolPulaski High School(414) 902-8900Email Pulaski High SchoolLink to  Pulaski High School web page2500 W Oklahoma Av
Project StayProject Stay(414) 298-9300Email Project StayLink to  Project Stay web page609 N 8th St
Project Excel - Wisconsin Community ServicesProject Excel(414) 383-5966Email Project ExcelLink to  Project Excel web page1300 S Layton Blvd
Franklin Pierce SchoolPierce School (414) 267-4400Email Pierce SchoolLink to  Pierce School web page2765 N Fratney St
Parkview SchoolParkview School (414) 393-2700Email Parkview SchoolLink to  Parkview School web page10825 W Villard Av
Barack Obama K-8 SchoolObama(414) 393-5000Email ObamaLink to  Obama web page5075 N Sherman Bl
Nova Middle and High SchoolNova HS/MS(414) 874-0283Email Nova HS/MSLink to  Nova HS/MS web page2320 W Burleigh St
North DivisionNorth(414) 267-4900Email NorthLink to  North web page1011 W Center St
Ninety-Fifth Street SchoolNinety-Fifth Street School (414) 393-4100Email Ninety-Fifth Street SchoolLink to  Ninety-Fifth Street School web page3707 N 94th St
Next Door Charter SchoolNext Door Foundation (414) 562-2929Email Next Door FoundationLink to  Next Door Foundation web page2545 N 29th St
New School For Community ServiceNew Sch For Community Service(414) 298-9390Email New Sch For Community ServiceLink to  New Sch For Community Service web page609 N 8th St
Neeskara SchoolNeeskara School (414) 256-8600Email Neeskara SchoolLink to  Neeskara School web page1601 N Hawley Rd
Morse Marshall School For The Gifted And TalentedMorse - Marshall(414) 393-2300Email Morse - MarshallLink to  Morse - Marshall web page4141 N 64th St
Morgandale SchoolMorgandale School (414) 902-9900Email Morgandale SchoolLink to  Morgandale School web page3635 S 17th St
Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts SchoolMitchell School (414) 902-8100Email Mitchell SchoolLink to  Mitchell School web page1728 S 23rd St
Milwaukee Spanish Immersion SchoolMilw Spanish Immersion School(414) 604-7600Email Milw Spanish Immersion SchoolLink to  Milw Spanish Immersion School web page2765 S 55th St
Milwaukee Sign Language SchoolMilw Sign Language School(414) 393-3800Email Milw Sign Language SchoolLink to  Milw Sign Language School web page7900 W Acacia St
Milwaukee School of LanguagesMilw School of Languages(414) 393-5700Email Milw School of LanguagesLink to  Milw School of Languages web page8400 W Burleigh St
Milwaukee Parkside SchoolMilw Parkside School(414) 294-1600Email Milw Parkside SchoolLink to  Milw Parkside School web page2969 S Howell Av
Milwaukee High School of The ArtsMilw H.S. - Arts(414) 934-7000Email Milw H.S. - ArtsLink to  Milw H.S. - Arts web page2300 W Highland Av
Milwaukee German Immersion SchoolMilw German Immersion(414) 393-5600Email Milw German ImmersionLink to  Milw German Immersion web page3778 N 82nd St
Milwaukee French Immersion SchoolMilw French Immersion(414) 874-8400Email Milw French ImmersionLink to  Milw French Immersion web page2360 N 52nd St
Milwaukee Excel High SchoolMilw Excel H.S.(414) 847-0632Email Milw Excel H.S.Link to  Milw Excel H.S. web page4610 W State St
Milwaukee Environmental SciencesMilw Environmental Sciences(414) 944-1240Email Milw Environmental SciencesLink to  Milw Environmental Sciences web page6600 W Melvina St
Milwaukee Community Cyber High SchoolMilw Community Cyber H.S.(414) 308-1230Email Milw Community Cyber H.S.Link to  Milw Community Cyber H.S. web page131 S 1 St
Milwaukee College Preparatory - Lloyd St CampusMilw College Prep - Lloyd St(414) 264-6000Email Milw College Prep - Lloyd StLink to  Milw College Prep - Lloyd St web page1248 W Lloyd St
Milwaukee College Preparatory - 38th StreetMilw College Prep - 38 St(414) 445-1000Email Milw College Prep - 38 StLink to  Milw College Prep - 38 St web page2623 N 38th St1530 W Center St
Milwaukee County Youth Education CenterMilw Co Youth Educ. Center(414) 226-7330Email Milw Co Youth Educ. CenterLink to  Milw Co Youth Educ. Center web page949 N 9th St
Milwaukee Academy of Chinese LanguageMilw Acad Of Chinese Lang(414) 934-4340Email Milw  Acad Of Chinese LangLink to  Milw  Acad Of Chinese Lang web page2430 W Wisconsin Av
Ralph H. Metcalfe SchoolMetcalfe School(414) 874-3600Email Metcalfe SchoolLink to  Metcalfe School web page3400 W North Av
Golda Meir SchoolMeir School (414) 212-3200Email Meir SchoolLink to  Meir School web page1555 N Martin L King Jr Dr227 W Pleasant St
Maryland Avenue Montessori SchoolMaryland Av Montessori(414) 906-4800Email Maryland Av MontessoriLink to  Maryland Av Montessori web page2418 N Maryland Av
Maple Tree SchoolMaple Tree School (414) 578-5100Email Maple Tree SchoolLink to  Maple Tree School web page6644 N 107th St
Manitoba SchoolManitoba School (414) 902-8600Email Manitoba SchoolLink to  Manitoba School web page4040 W Forest Home Av
James Madison Academic CampusMadison Academic High School(414) 393-6100Email Madison Academic High SchoolLink to  Madison Academic High School web page8135 W Florist Av
Edward A. MacDowell Montessori SchoolMacDowell Montessori School(414) 935-1400Email MacDowell Montessori SchoolLink to  MacDowell Montessori School web page6415 W Mt Vernon Av
Lowell SchoolLowell School (414) 304-6600Email Lowell SchoolLink to  Lowell School web page4360 S 20th St
H. W. Longfellow SchoolLongfellow School (414) 902-9800Email Longfellow SchoolLink to  Longfellow School web page1021 S 21st St
Lincoln Center of The ArtsLincoln Center of The Arts(414) 212-3300Email Lincoln Center of The ArtsLink to  Lincoln Center of The Arts web page820 E Knapp St
Lincoln Avenue SchoolLincoln Avenue School (414) 902-9700Email Lincoln Avenue SchoolLink to  Lincoln Avenue School web page1817 W Lincoln Av
Lancaster SchoolLancaster School (414) 393-5500Email Lancaster SchoolLink to  Lancaster School web page4931 N 68th St
Lad Lake Milwaukee - UltraLad Lake Ultra(414) 332-2675Email Lad Lake UltraLink to  Lad Lake Ultra web page225 W Capitol Dr
Lad Lake Milwaukee - SynergyLad Lake Synergy(414) 332-2675Email Lad Lake SynergyLink to  Lad Lake Synergy web page2820 W Grant St
Robert M. LaFollette SchoolLaFollette School (414) 267-5200Email LaFollette SchoolLink to  LaFollette School web page3239 N 9th St
La Causa Charter SchoolLa Causa Charter School(414) 902-1660Email La Causa Charter SchoolLink to  La Causa Charter School web page1643 S 2 St
Kosciuszko Montessori SchoolKosciuszko Montessori(414) 902-7200Email Kosciuszko MontessoriLink to  Kosciuszko Montessori web page971 W Windlake Av
Richard Kluge SchoolKluge School (414) 578-5000Email Kluge SchoolLink to  Kluge School web page5760 N 67th St
Rufus King International SchoolKing IB School(414) 267-0700Email King IB SchoolLink to  King IB School web page1801 W Olive St4950 N 24th St
Rufus King International School-Middle Years CampusKing IB Middle School414-616-5200Email King IB Middle SchoolLink to  King IB Middle School web page4950 N 24th St
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. SchoolKing Elementary(414) 267-1500Email King ElementaryLink to  King Elementary web page3275 N 3rd St
Byron Kilbourn SchoolKilbourn School (414) 393-4500Email Kilbourn SchoolLink to  Kilbourn School web page5354 N 68th St
Keefe Avenue SchoolKeefe Avenue School (414) 267-4800Email Keefe Avenue SchoolLink to  Keefe Avenue School web page1618 W Keefe Av
Kathryn T. Daniels University Preparatory AcademyKathryn T. Daniels(414) 466-1650Email Kathryn T. DanielsLink to  Kathryn T. Daniels web page4834 N Mother Daniels Wa
Albert E. Kagel SchoolKagel School (414) 902-7400Email Kagel SchoolLink to  Kagel School web page1210 W Mineral St
Gwen T. Jackson Early Childhood And Elementary SchoolJackson School(414) 267-5500Email Jackson SchoolLink to  Jackson School web page2121 W Hadley St
Individualized Developmental Educational Approaches to Learning SchoolI.D.E.A.L.(414) 304-6200Email I.D.E.A.L.Link to  I.D.E.A.L. web page1420 W Goldcrest Av
Humboldt Park SchoolHumboldt Park School(414) 294-1700Email Humboldt Park SchoolLink to  Humboldt Park School web page3230 S Adams Av
Howard Avenue Montessori SchoolHoward Montessori(414) 483-0654Email Howard MontessoriLink to  Howard Montessori web page357 E Howard Av
Hopkins-Lloyd Community SchoolHopkins-Lloyd(414) 267-0600Email Hopkins-LloydLink to  Hopkins-Lloyd web page1503 W Hopkins St
Honey Creek Continuous Progress Charter SchoolHoney Creek School(414) 604-7900Email Honey Creek SchoolLink to  Honey Creek School web page6701 W Eden Pl
Oliver Wendell Holmes SchoolHolmes School (414) 267-1300Email Holmes SchoolLink to  Holmes School web page2463 N Buffum St
Hmong American Peace AcademyHmong American Peace Acad(414) 383-4944Email Hmong American Peace AcadLink to  Hmong American Peace Acad web page4601 N 84th St
Highland Community SchoolHighland Community School(414) 342-1412Email Highland Community SchoolLink to  Highland Community School web page1706 W Highland Av
Hi-Mount Community SchoolHi-Mount School (414) 875-2700Email Hi-Mount SchoolLink to  Hi-Mount School web page4921 W Garfield Av
Hayes Bilingual SchoolHayes Bilingual School (414) 902-9600Email Hayes Bilingual SchoolLink to  Hayes Bilingual School web page971 W Windlake Av
Nathaniel Hawthorne SchoolHawthorne School (414) 247-7200Email Hawthorne SchoolLink to  Hawthorne School web page6945 N 41 St
Hawley Environmental SchoolHawley Environmental School(414) 256-8500Email Hawley Environmental SchoolLink to  Hawley Environmental School web page5610 W Wisconsin Av
Hartford Avenue University SchoolHartford University School(414) 906-4700Email Hartford University SchoolLink to  Hartford University School web page2227 E Hartford Av
Hampton SchoolHampton School (414) 393-5400Email Hampton SchoolLink to  Hampton School web page5000 N 53rd St
Alexander Hamilton High SchoolHamilton High School(414) 327-9300Email Hamilton High SchoolLink to  Hamilton High School web page6215 W Warnimont Av
Guadalupe Head StartGuadalupe Head Start (414) 263-4533Email Guadalupe Head StartLink to  Guadalupe Head Start web page2669 N Richards St1645 S 36th St
James E. Groppi High SchoolGroppi High School(414) 934-8200Email Groppi High SchoolLink to  Groppi High School web page1312 N 27th St
Greenfield SchoolGreenfield School (414) 902-8200Email Greenfield SchoolLink to  Greenfield School web page1711 S 35th St
Grantosa Drive SchoolGrantosa Drive School (414) 393-4400Email Grantosa Drive SchoolLink to  Grantosa Drive School web page4850 N 82nd St
U.S. Grant SchoolGrant School (414) 902-8000Email Grant SchoolLink to  Grant School web page2920 W Grant St
Grandview High SchoolGrandview High School(414) 672-1168Email Grandview High SchoolLink to  Grandview High School web page615 W Washington St
Lowell P. Goodrich SchoolGoodrich School (262) 236-1500Email Goodrich SchoolLink to  Goodrich School web page8251 N Celina St
Hamlin Garland SchoolGarland School (414) 304-6500Email Garland SchoolLink to  Garland School web page3120 W Green Av
Frederick J. Gaenslen SchoolGaenslen School (414) 267-5700Email Gaenslen SchoolLink to  Gaenslen School web page1250 E Burleigh St
Fratney SchoolFratney School(414) 267-1100Email Fratney SchoolLink to  Fratney School web page3255 N Fratney St
Benjamin Franklin SchoolFranklin School (414) 875-4400Email Franklin SchoolLink to  Franklin School web page2308 W Nash St
Forest Home Avenue SchoolForest Home Avenue School (414) 902-6200Email Forest Home Avenue SchoolLink to  Forest Home Avenue School web page1516 W Forest Home Av
Fifty-Third Street SchoolFifty-Third Street School (414) 874-5300Email Fifty-Third Street SchoolLink to  Fifty-Third Street School web page3618 N 53rd St
Fernwood Montessori SchoolFernwood Montessori School(414) 294-1300Email Fernwood Montessori SchoolLink to  Fernwood Montessori School web page3239 S Pennsylvania Av
Fairview SchoolFairview School (414) 546-7700Email Fairview SchoolLink to  Fairview School web page6500 W Kinnickinnic River Pk
Engleburg SchoolEngleburg School (414) 616-5600Email Engleburg SchoolLink to  Engleburg School web page5100 N 91st St
Ralph Waldo Emerson SchoolEmerson School (414) 393-4300Email Emerson SchoolLink to  Emerson School web page9025 W Lawrence Av
Elm Creative Arts SchoolElm Creative Arts School (414) 267-1800Email Elm Creative Arts SchoolLink to  Elm Creative Arts School web page900 W Walnut St
Eighty-First Street SchoolEighty-First Street School (414) 874-5400Email Eighty-First Street SchoolLink to  Eighty-First Street School web page2964 N 81st St
Anna F. Doerfler SchoolDoerfler School (414) 902-9500Email Doerfler SchoolLink to  Doerfler School web page3014 W Scott St
Jeremiah Curtin SchoolCurtin Leadership Academy(414) 902-7700Email Curtin Leadership AcademyLink to  Curtin Leadership Academy web page3450 S 32nd St
Craig Montessori SchoolCraig Montessori School (414) 393-4200Email Craig Montessori SchoolLink to  Craig Montessori School web page7667 W Congress St
James Fenimore Cooper SchoolCooper School (414) 304-6300Email Cooper SchoolLink to  Cooper School web page5143 S 21st St
Congress SchoolCongress School (414) 616-5300Email Congress SchoolLink to  Congress School web page5225 W Lincoln Creek Dr
Community High SchoolCommunity High School(414) 393-3500Email Community High SchoolLink to  Community High School web page6700 N 80th St
Clement Avenue SchoolClement Avenue School (414) 294-1500Email Clement Avenue SchoolLink to  Clement Avenue School web page3666 S Clement Av
Samuel Clemens SchoolClemens School (414) 875-6300Email Clemens SchoolLink to  Clemens School web page3600 W Hope Av
Clarke Street SchoolClarke Street School (414) 267-1000Email Clarke Street SchoolLink to  Clarke Street School web page2816 W Clarke St
Cass Street SchoolCass Street School (414) 212-2700Email Cass Street SchoolLink to  Cass Street School web page1647 N Cass St
Carver AcademyCarver Academy(414) 267-0500Email Carver AcademyLink to  Carver Academy web page1900 N 1 St
Dr. Benjamin Carson Academy of ScienceCarson Academy(414) 393-4800Email Carson AcademyLink to  Carson Academy web page4920 W Capitol Dr
Carmen High School Of Science And Technology - South CampusCarmen South Campus(414) 384-4444Email Carmen South CampusLink to  Carmen South Campus web page1712 S 32nd St
Carmen High School Of Science And Technology - Northwest CampusCarmen Northwest Campus Email Carmen Northwest CampusLink to  Carmen Northwest Campus web page5496 N 72nd St
Career Youth Development School Of ExcellenceCYD School Of Excellence(414) 449-5960Email CYD  School Of ExcellenceLink to  CYD  School Of Excellence web page3517 W Courtland Av
A.E. Burdick SchoolBurdick School (414) 294-1200Email Burdick SchoolLink to  Burdick School web page4348 S Griffin Av
Luther Burbank SchoolBurbank School (414) 256-8400Email Burbank SchoolLink to  Burbank School web page6035 W Adler St
William Cullen Bryant SchoolBryant School (414) 393-6500Email Bryant SchoolLink to  Bryant School web page8718 W Thurston Av
William George Bruce SchoolBruce School (414) 393-2100Email Bruce SchoolLink to  Bruce School web page6453 N 89th St
Browning SchoolBrowning School (414) 393-5200Email Browning SchoolLink to  Browning School web page5440 N 64th St
Brown Street AcademyBrown Street School (414) 935-3100Email Brown Street SchoolLink to  Brown Street School web page2029 N 20th St
Lynde and Harry Bradley Technology and Trade SchoolBradley Technology and Trade(414) 212-2400Email Bradley Technology and TradeLink to  Bradley Technology and Trade web page700 S 4 St
Mary Mcleod Bethune AcademyBethune Academy(414) 934-4600Email Bethune AcademyLink to  Bethune Academy web page1535 N 35th Street
Business and Economics Academy of MilwaukeeBeam(414) 615-3915Email BeamLink to  Beam web page3620 N 18 St
Bay View Middle & High SchoolBay View Middle & High School(414) 294-2400Email Bay View Middle & High SchoolLink to  Bay View Middle & High School web page2751 S Lenox St
Clara Barton SchoolBarton School (414) 393-3900Email Barton SchoolLink to  Barton School web page5700 W Green Tree Rd
Lloyd Barbee Montessori SchoolBarbee Montessori(414) 874-5600Email Barbee MontessoriLink to  Barbee Montessori web page4456 N Teutonia Av
Banner School Of MilwaukeeBanner School Of Milw Email Banner School Of MilwLink to  Banner School Of Milw web page7171 W Brown Deer Rd
Banner Preparatory High SchoolBanner Prep School Of Milw(414) 461-9561Email Banner Prep School Of MilwLink to  Banner Prep School Of Milw web page5460 N 64th St
Auer Avenue SchoolAuer Avenue School (414) 875-4500Email Auer Avenue SchoolLink to  Auer Avenue School web page2319 W Auer Av
Audubon Technology and Communication Middle SchoolAudubon Tech & Comm Center(414) 902-7800Email Audubon Tech & Comm CenterLink to  Audubon Tech & Comm Center web page3300 S 39th St
Audubon Technology and Communication High SchoolAudubon High School(414) 902-7800Email Audubon High SchoolLink to  Audubon High School web page3300 S 39th St
Assata High SchoolAssata(414) 345-6113Email AssataLink to  Assata web page3517 W Courtland Av
The Alliance School of MilwaukeeAlliance School(414) 267-5400Email Alliance SchoolLink to  Alliance School web page850 W Walnut St
Allen-Field SchoolAllen-Field School (414) 902-9200Email Allen-Field SchoolLink to  Allen-Field School web page730 W Lapham Bl
Louisa May Alcott SchoolAlcott School(414) 604-7400Email Alcott SchoolLink to  Alcott School web page3563 S 97th St
Advanced Language and Academic Studies High SchoolAlas High School(414) 902-8460Email Alas High SchoolLink to  Alas High School web page1515 W Lapham Bl
The Achievement CenterAchievement Center414-286-4100Email Achievement CenterLink to  Achievement Center web page2733 W Wisconsin Av
Academy of Accelerated LearningAcad of Accelerated Learning(414) 604-7300Email Acad of Accelerated LearningLink to  Acad of Accelerated Learning web page3727 S 78 St
Academia De Lenguaje Y Bellas ArtesALBA(414) 902-7525Email ALBALink to  ALBA web page1712 S 32nd St